Post #3By Toby Quirk

A while back there was an incident in Virginia near Washington D.C. A Christian organization affiliated with Focus On The Family made a reservation for a party at a local restaurant. An employee at the place learned about the group and told the owner that she felt “threatened” by the presence of this Christian group because they opposed her chosen ideology, not clearly described in the article. As a result the restaurant owner called the leader of the group and told them they could not meet at the restaurant because the staff felt unsafe with Christians in the dining room.

In May of this year a 12-year-old boy from Massachusetts claimed he was sent home from school a few weeks ago for wearing a t-shirt that declared that there are “only two genders,” which he was told made other students feel “unsafe.”

These two instances and hundreds more illustrate the tactic that advocates of the anti-Christian agenda have employed to stifle public speech that expresses Biblical principles and truth. the “I feel unsafe” strategy is effective because America is a compassionate country. Protecting the underdog and the victim drives Americans to the ramparts, armed with bleeding hearts and strong feelings. But when a Christian is threatened by pagan bullies, their cries for help go unheeded.

To anyone who is socially and spiritually aware it is obvious that there is a deadly battle raging in the United States of America. The objective on one side is to maintain Biblical standards as the moral foundation of our legal system and our daily interactions. The objective on the other side is to champion the view that there are no moral absolutes, and in the name of modern enlightenment, to push the boundaries of moral restraint farther and farther away form that Biblical foundation, especially in the area of sexual behavior.

In my lifetime homosexuality gained acceptance from being illegal and looked as aberrant behavior to being more accepted, to being celebrated as courageous, to being a protected people group, to being celebrated with a Pride month. In 2023 if a public figure speaks disrespectfully about “gays” they risk being fired, marginalized and reduced to the ash heap of life-long humiliation and scorn. Businesses go to great length to cater to the whims and demands of the LGBT community.

Being threatened by the spiritual truth of the gospel of Jesus is normal. When Jesus walked the streets of Israel the religious power brokers felt threatened to the point that they plotted to crucify Him. Throughout the history of the Christian faith, opponents from individual neighbors to national governments felt threatened by faithful Christians. For anyone who stubbornly clings to the moral standards dictated by the pull of their fleshly appetites despise any force that opposes those standards. It is absolutely logical.

When confronted by shouts of, “I feel unsafe when you profess your faith out loud,” or “Having Christians in my space threatens me,” treat the unbelievers as Jesus did. Calmly show them love. Because it is the love of Christ that triggers faith.