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By the Dawn's Early Light


This novel, the second in a planned trilogy, finds Hank Baker and his family in a desperate battle against spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. From a deadly struggle in the Maine woods to a strategic retreat to South Texas, Hank’s warrior clan takes their stand against Satan for the soul of America.

Proof Through the Night


A board of depraved billionaires, called the Directorate, has masterminded all the mass shootings in America and brainwashed thousands of doctors, professors, and politicians. Driven by a perverted patriotic zeal, they now control all the nation’s most influential institutions…


A Squirrel in a Bottle


“A Squirrel in a Bottle” captures Toby’s observations of the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts where he served as Huntington’s Fire Chaplain and the pastor of the local church. He combines life experiences from his four years at West Point, a 23-year army career, and 20 years in pastoral ministry to craft his second book about the eccentricities of rural New England.

Sneak Peek: I Can't Live Here Anymore

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